Monday, January 23, 2012

Seasonal Changes

As one who prefers cool weather to hot and mountains to beaches, I rarely venture to the tropics.  I would rather head to Alaska or, as I am doing next month, to Maine.  Although I don't like the heat or humidity of the Caribbean, I must admit that it can provide wonderful photographic opportunities.  I caught the beautiful light of sunset with this image a few years ago.  More than just a pretty picture, this shot provides me with wonderful memories of the trip my mother and I made to visit Puerto Rico.  I was born there but had never returned to visit.  As the years go by I can always pull out this image and stir up love and memories.

As I considered this image for my blog entry, it occurred to me that photographs can be not only memorable but also seasonal.   In addition to triggering an emotion, maybe it is possible to cause a flicker of seasonal change.  For those who are currently in below freezing temperatures (like my friend Ceci in Canada), perhaps a glance at this image will give them a moment of warmth.  For people like me who live in the heat of South Central Texas, a glimpse of snow-covered trees might bring a momentary sensation of coolness.  (Ordinarily, the only way I can feel such coolness is to stick my head in the kitchen freezer!) 

Photographs can always be used to relive "old times."  With a little bit of effort, I think they can also be used to create a little seasonal change, however momentary.  If you are stuck in the cold as you read this, I hope you feel a tiny bit of warmth as you look at this image.  Wherever you are, I hope this season brings you joy!

*Thank you Marcie Scudder for your beautiful image of trees.

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  1. And - it's so nice to be reminded of heat and summer and all of the beauty beaches offer!!! Wonderful image. I can see how it evokes happy memories for you.